Consignment Spring/Summer


Items we will look at in SPRING/SUMMER include: Shorts & Capris, linen or super lightweight pants, lightweight jackets, summer tops lightweight and tanks, leggings/active wear, spring and summer appropriate skirts and dresses, handbags and wallets, sandals, and we accept swim and bras year round- must be in like-new or new condition.

Things NOT to bring in spring/summer: Jeans (full length), dress pants, blazers, lightweight jackets, winter jackets, mid-heavy weight tops (no summer styles), leggings/active wear, fall appropriate skirts and dresses, handbags and wallets, boots, booties  and closed shoes

We are not currently accepting:

faded glory, JMS, LA Blues, Deb, Fashion Bug, Athletic Works, George, NO boundaries, White stag, Gloria Vanderbilt, Venezia, Riders by Lee, dots, vanity, Covington, essentials, studio works, studio 1940, Cherokee

Basic tees and tanks from Wal-Mart/target/equivalent discount brands

We do not accept jewelry, formal Wear or bridal Wear.

Please read through the listed guidelines above before bringing in your items. 

Please be sure you have gone through your items to look for quality before drop off- we do our absolute best to get through your items in a timely fashion and you having them prepped and ready for us helps utilize both our time and your time in an efficient manner. 

Bring your items in ready-to-sell condition. (Please don't ball them up in a garbage bag.) Fold them in a basket/bin or bring them on hangers (you will get them back!). Lint roll them. Launder them before drop off. Be sure there are no holes, missing buttons/zippers, stains, pet hair, human hair, smells including perfume, patchouli, oils, smoke,etc. 

Items that don't meet these conditions will be sent back with you. 

As always, items accepted are to our discretion- we choose based on what our clientele is purchasing. Although you may see an item similar to yours on the racks, this doesn't obligate us to accepting more of the same. What is selling changes frequently and we accept items accordingly.

Pricing is typically 20-40% of retail, depending on style and condition. 

Please note that we DO NOT accept consignments on Saturdays.